Apt. #6 - Ayacucho 2076

Apartment Photos

Building Entry

Entry Lobby

Stairs to Loft

Living Room

Dining Room to Kitchen/Terrace

Shiny New Kitchen

Shiny New Kitchen

Main Floor Bedroom

Loft Bedroom

Loft Bedroom


Tub and Shower

To Terrace

Terrace Bedroom

Terrace Bedroom Basin

Street Scene with the Building

Street Scene 1/2 Block Away

Street Scene 100 Paces

Cafe - 100 Paces

Across the Street, the Five-Star Alvear Hotel

One Block - View from Park of Church at the Recoleta Cemetery
(Nuestro Senora de Pilar Church)

Two Blocks

Two Blocks

Two Blocks

Four Blocks - Cemetery View from Opposite Side of Church

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