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Here are some comments from our guests. Please understand that we don't solicit reviews. Also, you might notice that these reviews are not as shiney and verbose as those posted on most websites - which may lead you to believe that there may be some 'fabricated reviews' here and there on the internet. In some cases we get phone calls from guests after they return home, we have included some of these here you will see. Reviews are in no particular order.

Andrea, Mariana and myself regret that we don't have more time to get to know all of our guests and hear their stories. We have had guests circumnavigating the globe on motorcycles and guests who drove here from California in a pop-up camper. Most arrive by plane or ferry, however. Regardless of what mode of travel, everyone seems to have a unique story of what brings them to visit.

Best, Michael

What our Guests say:

October 2011

HI Mike,
Just wanted to let you know that everything was great at the apartment. It had everything we needed, the people at the front desk were helpful, and most of all we loved the location. We will be leaving tomorrow, checking out by noon.
Hope to come back next year...maybe for a month. Thanks again for offering your place for rent!


Re: Suipacha
August, 2011

Mike, just a few comments about our recent stay;
The apartment location on Santa Fe Avenue is fantastic, just a block from the excellent Buenos Aires subway system.  Many popular sites are within easy walking distance, and there are always plenty of taxis that are usually metered and very reasonably priced.  The apartment is very well maintained with all the amenities you could ask for, weekly maid service and wireless.  Noise is not a problem. The bedroom is in the back of the apartment and very quiet.  The rooftoop pool is a great added advantage in summer.

And a few restaurants, many of which we found in your guest book -

There's no shortage of pizzerias in the neighborhood.  Personally I liked the pizza and ambiance at Romario on Beruti and Ecuador, two blocks off the bustle of Santa Fe.  There is a roof terrace, and both indoor and sidewalk seating.  The delivery boys on rollerblades provide good street entertainment.  You can't go wrong either with Kentucky Pizzeria which is just a block from the apartment and always busy.   

Buenos Aires Grill at Santa Fe 1876 provides a good experience of an Argentine parrilla.  The meat is cooked to order in a big wood oven in the back of the restaurant.  This is similar to La Payuca just a block from the apartment but we decided to go to Buenos Aires Grill because it has sidewalk seating and it was a balmy evening.

Como en Casa at Riobamba 1239 is interesting.  As I understand, this is or used to be a convent and is run by nuns.  There is a beautiful courtyard that was packed with people on the afternoon we stopped by.  There are also large indoor seating areas -- and a great choice of delicious pastries.

La Vina del Abasto at San Luis 3007 has the feel of an authentic Buenos Aires venue and is frequented almost totally by locals.  Pasta is superb.  It was recommended by a resident in the apartment building who said the food is "like that your mama used to make." That is, if your mom is Italian and a great cook  ; )

El Trapiche is in Palermo at Paraguay 5099 so it's a distance from the apartment but not bad.  (In fact, we took a taxi there
and walked home.)  I had the best steak I have ever had in my life.  The lomo was big enough for two people.  The salad and side dish were both good too.  Highly recommended. 

If I think of more I want to add I'll let you know ....

Best regards,

Re: Santa Fe
November 2011

Thanks for everything Mike. We enjoyed our stay. We really appreciated the effort you take to put the guest books in the apartment with restaurant recommendations, as well as the local maps showing the apartment. Matt

Ottowa, CN

June 2011


I had a great stay, albeit too short, and shared my enthusiasm for the city with my son, who will be here till late December in a homestay situation on Santa Fe while studying at ECELA--hoping he can pass the Oral Proficiency Interview and thereby avoid the necessity for more Spanish classes.

Thanks for making everything so easy!


Dear Andrea and Mike,

The apartment is working out beautifully. It is very comfortable andwe like the location. As I mentioned to Andrea, we are coming back through BA on Dec 27 (about 6 pm) and fly out on Dec 28, about noon.So would like to stay that night again. I see from the calendar that your next guest is coming only on the 28th.
We can meet sometime on Tuesday before we depart or on the 27th evening for me to give you the rent for the extra night.



Re: Ayacucho
August, 2011

HI Mike!
The apt was great. We found everyone most accommodating. Overall, we were thrilled. Thanks again!

Kind regards,
New York

Re: Callao
May, 2011


Alex and I want to sincerely thank you for allowing us to stay at the apartment you set up for us. The place was clean, modern and more than accommodating. Also, we loved the selection on restaurants nearby.

We felt at home and very safe. Mariana was also very kind at check-in.
We will have to catch up over dinner next time and I hope to be able to communicate with everyone in Spanish by that time.

Best of luck and thank you again.


Re: Fitz Roy
May 2012
Hi Michael,

We had a wonderful time in BA and truly enjoyed the cozy apartment!

Regarding Iguazu, we stayed at the Iguazu Jungle Lodge for two nights. The rooms were fairly basic but they were clean with good beds. It was a nice place with a terrific restaurant on the site that we ate at both nights. The food was outstanding and you could easily recommend it. Because our main day there was a Sunday, there weren't too many other options due to some restaurants being closed.

In BA, our favorite restaurant was Quimbombo's in Palermo, a find of my daughter's. Would definitely go back there again. Also, had a nice buffet lunch at Brasas Argentinas in Puerto Madero one afternoon. Went to La Catedral and La Vurita for tango as my husband and I love to tango.

Sorry to be leaving but we had a great time! Will recommend your apartment for future use.

Mariana was also extremely friendly and helpful to us at the apartment.

All the best to you. Hope to be back someday.


Kelly Mazeski

Re: Callao
Hi Michael,

Just wanted to say the apartment was great and I will definitely recommend it to any friends that may travel to Buenos Aires. We have left the keys on the kitchen counter.

Thank you for all your help.


Re: Callao
November 2012

Thanks for your assistance. Loved the apartment. Will recommend it to friends
Sent from my Iphone

Re: Suipacha
Decenber 2012

I was looking for a place that I could use until the end of February and your apartment on Suipacha and Sante Fe had almost enough availability. I found another place where I could stay until the end of February.

I heard good things about you and your apartment service. I travel to BsAs often and I will look into you website again when I need a place to stay.

Thanks anyway,
June 2013

Thanks so much. Appreciate your professional service.
The apartment is great and got the car parked right outside.

Anna and Russ

Re: Ayacucho
April 2014

We have fond memories of our stay in your Ayacucho apartment. If you need anyone to give a recommendation please use my name.

By phone from George

Re: Ayacucho
It was great dealing with you,
and we look forward to
returning next Fall.

Re: Austria
November 2013

Thanks so much. I miss BA already.....a lot. Great trip and lovely city. Nice people.
Thanks again for all of your help. Linda

Re: Callao apartment
January 2014
Hi Michael,
Everything is great so far. Love the apartment, the location, and of course the bike. I did manage to screw up the remote for the TV in the study, but found you had left instructions to fix, so it is working fine now.


Re: Copernico
March 2014
We enjoyed BA and look forward to staying with you again.

Auvo and Jen

Re: Suipacha Apartment
October 2014

Greetings Michael

Last April, my wife, son and I rented your apartment at Callao 1965 for 6 nights. We had a very enjoyable stay, as the apartment was just right for us.

Next month, my wife and I will be back in BA. We would love to use the apartment again. The location is great and it is such a spacious and comfortable apartment. We also love the decor.

Alvaro Santiago, Chile.

Re: Callao Apartment>
August 2014


Just a quick note to thank you for all your help with the apartments in BA. It has been a pleasure to work with you. You deserve glowing reviews. Looking forward to meeting you next time and enjoying B.A.



Re: Callao Apartment>
Hello, Michael!

We stayed at the Austria apartment last month. We enjoyed it very much, and found it was a fantastic deal for the money. We are thinking to go back to BA in December, arriving on 12/20, leaving on 1/3, tentatively (2 weeks). I need to confirm availability and price, to check with my wife.

It will again will only be the two of us. Please advise.



Re: Austria Apartment>

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